Marko Himelreich Mikrotvornica

Marko Himelreich

Associate designer for electrical and software solutions.

Marko is a key associate to our Modax3D development team. He is our wizard for electronics, software development and upgrades on the modular machine! Ever since his teen years, he has been passionate about electronics, acoustics, HiFi and astronomy. Marko has been building his own equipment including speakers, telescopes and, for the last couple of years, 3D printers. His interest for 3D printing and CNC machining made him spend thousands of hours on research, building and using his machines. 

He works in an industrial automation company where he participates in fields such as planning, designing, applying and maintaining production control systems mainly for breweries so he considers his work on Modax3D a natural extension to his work. This project requires lots of creativity, problem solving skills and precision work on physical hardware, as well as software development and debugging, which is a perfect challenge for him. Marko is very patient, logical and rational with a special passion for solving technical problems and creating something from scratch. He is our guy when we get a new idea which we can’t put into action ourselves, he makes it happen! We could agree that his special skill is to amaze us when we think that we have seen it all. He does this a lot!

Marko Himelreich Mikrotvornica

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