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Our mission is to share 3D printing knowledge with people, in Croatia, through educational programs, technical “knowledge base” and valuable blogs. Carefully choosing quality 3D printing equipment and implementing it in the most efficient way possible. You can find top quality 3D printers and filaments on 3DPrintaj webshop. We are helping to create a strong and confident 3D printing community.

“3dprintaj” STORY

Our story began with people approaching us, wanting to 3D print with knowledge and to choose the right 3D printers for their projects. We asked ourselves: “What is the soul purpose of a company if it doesn’t share its wizardry with people?” So, we gave the answers to all their questions with the 3DPrintaj platform.

3D printing equipment

 3DPrintaj platform offers an integrative approach to 3D printing technologies and it is designed specially for the public domain. It combines 3D modeling, 3D printing service, educational programs, procurement of 3D printers, materials and accessories, with technical service and professional support included. 

If you are starting your journey in the world of FDM/FFF or DLP 3D printing 3DPrintaj platform is a perfect place for you! From individuals, public institutions to organisations, 3DPrintaj webshop is a place when you can purchase quality 3D printers, materials and accessories.

3D printing projects

Many 3D printing projects on 3DPrintaj platform are the showcase of our knowledge, experience and good collaboration. We enjoy working with a 3D printing studio D3Stooges3 and making amazing things happen together. 

Also, we are very proud to publish 3D prints that our clients made on 3D printers they purchased from us!

3DPrintaj 3D printing platform
3DPrintaj platform

Achievements and Collaborations

From 2018. to 2020. we successfully implemented a few hundreds 3D printers in libraries and public schools in Croatia. Through a partnership with IRIM – Croatian Makers, we joined the STEM revolution in Croatia and together made a significant contribution to society! Digital citizen is the most significant project and it is directly funded by Google. Its goal is to transform public libraries into digital maker spaces in our region.

Until 2020. 3DPrintaj became a central place for individuals, companies and public institutions where they can get everything they need for 3D printing in Croatia.

3D printers were implemented

educations were held

growing team

Join us today

We are opened for new business partners and collaborations. There are more and more people finding that 3D printing is the answer. If you are looking for someone very experienced in the field of 3D printing who loves being a part of a project, here we are! Want to get to know us?

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