Your Additive and Digital Manufacturing Partner!

who are we?

We are a Croatian based company that combines a wide range of additive and digital manufacturing technologies resulting a high quality prototypes and product batches ready for market! Using our knowledge for producing and selling our own line of Modax Machines, specialised for FDM/FFF 3D printing, is Mikrotvornica’s superpower.

our Mission!

Our mission is to provide full support during a product development, for our clients, and help them successfully deliver quality products to the market! With additive manufacturing technologies we speed up the process making things done faster, cost effective and with significantly greater precision. 

Technologies we use in a production process

3D Printing
CNC milling
Cold Casting

Investment Casting

Our services

3D printing in FDM/FFF technology is our speciality. Most of 3D prints are made on our own line of FDM/FFF Modax Machines. We are using various engineering plastic materials suitable for all sorts of purposes, from classic engineering projects, investment casting to prosthetics.

We also make amazing projects by combining digital manufacturing technologies as CNC milling, DLP 3D printing and Cold casting in different materials. If you need your products in metal, they can be made by Investment casting and delivered to you.

This range of production is possible because our longterm quality cooperation with best companies in our industry. Together, we make things done!


Our work is a result of the 3D printing knowledge we have aquired through the years! Diverse 3D printed projects, made by our own line of Modax Machines, are presented to you in the project showcase section. We believe visuals describe our 3D print quality more powefull than any words can.

Fall in love with Modax Machines

Our own tested and approved concept of large specialised modular manufacturing machines, made for industrial purposes! By combining multiple tools you can produce very large, tough, accurate and complex objects using both FDM/FFF 3D printing technology and CNC milling on the same machine simultaneously.

Your Additive and Digital Manufacturing Partner!

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