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Who Are We?

We are Croatian based company specialized in using wide range of additive and digital manufacturing technologies for prototyping and pruduction of small series of products.

Our Mission!

Our mission is to offer full support in product development, from your idea through prototyping to production of small series. This way we wish to help and speed up product development for our clients.

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Our Services

3D Printing
CNC milling
Cold Casting
Our core service is 3D printing in FDM/FFF technology using various engeneering plastic materials suitable for all sorts of industries from investment casting to prosthetics. We also offer SLA 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, CNC machining of soft metals, plastics and wood. 3D scanning of existing products and preparing digital models for additive manufacturing is also part of our workflow. We also use cold casting of different materials as well as silicone mold making.

3D in Art

Using 3D printing technology and high grade surface finish to produce stunning artwork for our clients.
Work with us on your art project!


Our development of modular machine for professional prototyping named Modax3D. You can also find us building custom 3D printers, and install upgrades as well as offer maintenance / repair service.

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