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Denis Sanković

Production manager

Denis is our manager for everything linked directly to the production process, working on machines, repairing them and providing professional support to customers. Being a woodworking technician, with advanced digital technology skills, he easily became familiar with additive manufacturing production, different digital manufacturing processes, machines and materials. Working in logistics for some time he developed skills that he is now using to lead the production and assembly line. He is very hardworking and methodical as a production manager which makes him the best team lead when it comes to production organisation and product quality control. He is, also, very skilled in conducting education in additive manufacturing. 

Denis future plans are forwarding his knowledge on production, educating a great production team, making more educational content for our platform and staying awesome at the same time. He is methodical, orderly and persistent when it comes to work, and also very fun, outgoing and relaxed in his free time. His special talents are making things done fast, accurately and in high quality. His consistency in the production process is of great value to our company. Being very outgoing, approachable and talkative is a part of his character which makes him easy to follow and to learn from.

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Nikola Blažević profilna fotografija

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